Pentagon list of proposed cuts to offset border wall includes Anniston Depot project

Anniston Army Depot project at risk to instead fund border wall

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - A list of military projects planned to be cut to help fund the border wall proposed by President Trump includes a project at the Anniston Army Depot.

The project costs $5.2 million, which would presumably be placed toward the cost of the wall.

The project was for a Depot tenant, the Defense Logistics Agency, and would have stored, maintained, processed and in some cases even demilitarized and disassembled small arms.

It would have possibly been a place where some small arms not used anymore could be disassembled or destroyed.

“That organization stores all the small arms for the depot and does processing, preservation, also, receiving and shipping,” says Nathan Hill, the military liaison at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce. “They also provide weapons for the depot’s small arms maintenance facility.”

However, Hill says except for construction jobs, it probably wouldn’t have added many jobs to the area’s economy.

“They will, by not getting that project, they will not lose any employees. As a matter of fact, if they’d gotten it, it would have made them more efficient, that they made some, fewer employers in the future, because of efficiencies gained,” Hill said.

Construction would have begun on that section of the Depot next year.

The Pentagon list says any projects in the current funding cycle, beginning this year, would not be affected.

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