Pat Mikula “Doing Good” with Mothers Sisters and Daughters

Doing Good: Pat Mikula

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Pat Mikula is the co-founder of “Mothers Sisters and Daughters”; a prayer group that started in her home. Once a month they serve a lunch to senior citizens at Princeton Towers, paying for most of it out of their own pockets.

The four core members clearly know their way around a kitchen. There’s Pat and her daughter Tanya Woods along with Linda Thompson and her daughter-in-law, Jessica Lett. The group has now grown to include more sisters and daughters and even grand kids.

So why do they do it? Pat says, "We just try to make them feel loved and wanted. You know, that extra touch. Sometimes we lose focus on us when we get a little older so we wanted to bring that back to them."

The group certainly lives up to its name. They're not just volunteering. They're working as a family and treating the people they serve as family too. Pat walks through the dining room passing out hugs as she passes out desserts. She says, "It's about love and about loving your neighbor and treating your neighbor as yourself. You know just to give back. "

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