At least two Brighton bingo halls still open, despite cease and desist orders

2 bingo halls still open in Brighton

BRIGHTON, AL (WBRC) - At least two bingo halls in Brighton are still open, even though one of Jefferson County’s District Attorneys ordered them shut down.

Earlier this week, Bessemer Cutoff’s District Attorney Lynneice Washington sent cease and desist orders to Super Highway Bingo on Bessemer Superhighway and to Fun-N-Games near Brighton City Hall. Washington feels the electronic bingo halls are operating illegally.

Brighton’s police chief says the bingo halls haven’t been open that long. Despite the cease and desist orders, Chief Woods says he doesn’t have enough officers to shut them down and says they need help from the county.

“We don’t have the manpower to raid them to confiscate the machines or places to put the machines. We’re just not capable of shutting it down or raiding it or anything unless we receive some help,” Chief Woods said.

Management at both bingo halls declined to comment.

Attorney General Steve Marshall is aware of the situation. In a statement, he says “I fully support DA Washington’s efforts to enforce the law and have reached out to Sheriff Mark Pettway expressing my expectation that he will do the same. My office stands ready to assist, should we be required to do so.”

In a statement Friday from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the department said they will defer the enforcement of gambling laws to local jurisdictions. You can read their full statement below:

“In recent weeks, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has received several inquiries regarding the operation of bingo parlors in local municipalities. State law makes promoting gambling or possessing gambling devices a misdemeanor offense. The Sheriff’s Office respects local law enforcement and will defer to municipal agencies for the enforcement of the law within their jurisdictions. Sheriff Mark Pettway remains committed to safe communities and using the resources of the Jefferson County Sheriff Office to combat violent crime and illegal drug traffic while also increasing the presence of law enforcement in all neighborhoods.”

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