Job seekers flock to Trussville career fair

Good time to search for jobs in Trussville

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Dozens of job seekers hoping to find employment showed up at the Trussville Chamber of Commerce job fair Thursday.

Renee LeCroy was one of those walking around shaking hands and making connections.

“Now that I’ve just gotten into this situation of not having a job, everything is done online. You do need a network like this. You need to see the energy. You can just feel an energy in the room,” LeCroy said.

There were all sorts of employers including major banks, the US Census Bureau, and staffing agencies.

"So we jumped on this because we’re trying to get connected with people and businesses to serve,” said Josh Bullock, who works at AtWork Personnel Services.

He said depending on the work it can be hard to get qualified people.

“There really are more jobs than people. Especially with the skills gap going on in America, sometimes it’s harder to recruit for those manufacturing jobs,” said Bullock.

However, it’s not like anyone is complaining about a low unemployment rate.

Organizers say having an event like this speaks volumes.

"People think so highly of Trussville and live and work, raise a family. And so, people want to be a part of this place. So we’re just real pleased to be able to put this on for our community,” said Diane Poole, Trussville Chamber of Commerce.

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