Chelsea neighborhood takes Pelham to court over school zones

Chelsea neighborhood takes Pelham to court over school zones
Courtyard Manor neighborhood. (Source: WBRC Staff)

CHELSEA, AL (WBRC) - A neighborhood in Chelsea is taking the city of Pelham to court for not hearing out their concerns.

Courtyard Manor is located in Chelsea, but it is zoned for Pelham City Schools. Residents in the neighborhood are trying to get Pelham to de-annex the subdivision for no reason other than Chelsea schools are much closer.

Carter Wood is a member of the homeowners association and he says about a year ago, everyone in the neighborhood signed a petition in favor of this to present to Pelham City Council so that they can have a hearing to discuss it.

“They are still reviewing and it’s been over a year the last we heard from them. They’re still looking at it, they are still reviewing it but we don’t get any feedback from them,” Wood explains.

So now it is in a judge’s hands to decide whether the city of Pelham should hear it or not. The neighborhood says they are willing to take this as far as they need to in court. They say it is simply an inconvenience to drive all the way to Pelham for schools.

“We are about two miles away from Chelsea High School and we are probably 20 miles from Pelham High School,” Woods explains. “I’ve had two different people tell me they want to buy a house in our neighborhood but when they found out it was Pelham city schools they turned and bought a home somewhere else and our neighborhood feels like it’s hurting the price of our homes."

When asked for comment, the city of Pelham said they can’t comment on pending litigation.

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