Relaxing Sunday Afternoon? Not when this guy shows up...

Alligator spotted in Blount County

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Imagine you are enjoying a nice afternoon on the lake, when suddenly you see a giant gator not far from you.

That’s what Kenny Minyard says happened to him. The Blount County resident was fishing on Inland Lake when he saw what he estimates to be about a 12 foot long gator on the shore.

Minyard was in a narrow part of the lake, and says he couldn't turn around.

He started to put his boat in reverse and that's when the gator decided to join him.

"When he resurfaced his head came up and then his whole body, tail and all. And it was almost the length of the boat, best I could tell. Like I say, at that time I was just wanting to get out of there,” he said.

Minyard adds the reptile ended up about 5 feet from his boat.

He says he’s heard about gators in the lake for a while, but never has seen one until now. He plans to keep fishing at the lake, but won’t be swimming in it anytime soon.

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