Residents in Cullman County cleaning up after EF-1 tornado hits area

Storm damage in Cullman County

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Residents in Cullman County are picking up debris after a tornado struck parts of it on Thursday.

The National Weather Service damage survey observed damage Friday they say was indicative of an EF-1 tornado. They estimate the peak winds were around 105 mph.

One of the harder hit areas was in the White City community.

One home, which is about 100 years old, was nearly destroyed. The owners’ son-in-law was on the scene moments after the tornado tore up the property.

“Tragedy and destruction,” said Matthew Howell. “Waiting on the adjusters before we start moving a lot. Other than that, just doing as much as we can with different debris and pulling it off.”

Damage from EF-1 tornado in Cullman County

Just up the road, another home suffered significant damage. A tree service was on site Friday helping to clean up.

“This is pretty bad damage here. There are like nine trees in all that are down on the house, around the house, on the driveway. It’s a blessing no one was killed,” said Marshall McDonald with Marshall’s Tree Service.

Meanwhile, the White City Community Center also took a direct hit. A special election is scheduled for next Tuesday and the building was supposed to serve as the voting precinct. Now voters will have to go next door to the fire station.

“It still goes on regardless, whether it’s here or anywhere else. It’s going to continue on. Luckily we have somewhere close by that we can go too,” said Candy Reeves, the center’s director.

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