Increased gun violence causing frustrations to grow in B’ham

Concerned citizens after multiple shootings

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - After four shootings and one death Wednesday, and more examples of gun violence Thursday, there are some in the Birmingham community growing frustrated.

On Delta Street it was back to normal for the most part Thursday. People were gathered on the corner. But Birmingham police detectives were going door to door looking for any information about the shooting death of 44-year-old Derrick Dwayne Daniels.

“I feel so sad because we are supposed to love. God said we are supposed to love one another. We are supposed to stick together. Not killing,” Valera Emanuel of Titisville said.

Birmingham community activist and anti-gun violence advocate Cedric Hatcher is from Titisville. He was preaching to the community again to stop the violence. Hatcher said police have to do more.

“We need the police out in the community. We need the police communicating with the community. Riding around in police cars ain’t doing to do it. Roadblocks are not going to do it,” Hatcher said.

Pastor Steve Green of More Than Conquerors Faith Church said it is disheartening and some may want to give up trying to stem the gun violence but they can’t.

“Let’s continue to move forward. Roll up our sleeves. don’t grow weary. Keep applying pressure. Don’t let a few bad guys outweigh what is happening with a great community,” Green said.

Pastor Green understands the frustration. He believes the city is on the right track. The city of Birmingham is expected to unveil more details in its anti-gun violence effort in the next week or so.

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