Chilton Co. residents ‘thankful’ to be OK after Thursday’s EF-1 tornado

Storm damage in Chilton County

CHILTON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A confirmed EF-1 tornado in Chilton County caused downed trees, damaged roofs and downed power lines Thursday night.

Fortunately not many homes were damaged, mostly just several sheds and barns.

Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon said he’s thankful those downed trees and power lines were cleaned up over night and this morning.

“The power company came through and been working all night to get the power poles and wires back up to get the power restored. What I’m understanding is that it will probably be midnight or so tonight before some of the people have their power restored,” Sheriff Shearon said late Thursday night.

Sheriff Shearon is most thankful that no one was seriously injured.

One homeowner says that once they saw the storm heading their direction they tried to get in the car to drive to their shelter. However, she says the storm was basically already there.

As they headed to their car, Tabitha Simmons says her husband was almost taken out by this trampoline from their neighbor’s yard.

"We tried to get out of the driveway, I saw just debris was going around and around in circles around my car. It was so bad that we could not even see the big trees falling around us,” she said.

Simmons says they finally ended up getting to the shelter, but once they returned home they were shocked to see both her house and her daughter’s house completely undamaged.

Mary Price wasn’t as fortunate, with a tree splitting her mobile home, but she’s just thankful to be OK after she rode out the storm in her home.

Price said she rain to the bathroom and felt her home bounce while she stayed in the bathtub. She was trapped inside until law enforcement was able to clear trees in the road to get to her residence.

“I feel like God protected me and took care of me. I am just lucky God blessed me. That’s all I can say. It’s a little disheartening picking through stuff to see what you can get,” she said.

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