Blount Co. mobile home park residents begin cleaning up storm damage

Storm damage in Blount County

ALLGOOD, AL (WBRC) - Many people in Blount County are facing a lot of work and cleanup from Thursday’s storms. Strong winds knocked down several trees. Some homes were destroyed.

People at the Bolle Mobile Home Park are working to clear trees from their homes if they can.

The mobile home park is the hardest hit area in Blount County. Trees smashed and destroyed some mobile homes. Utility polls and lines are down, which is slowing down cleanup efforts until the area is safe.

Many volunteers are helping the clean-up, including nearby fire departments and Hayden Mayor Larry Armstrong. The mayor was overseeing the removal of one tree by his crew. Armstrong says this is what neighbors do and admitted it was emotional seeing the extend of the damage.

Some residents are moving from Bolle Mobile Home Park, while others are hoping to stay.

One man said his home was not all that damaged. He spent the day going around helping people who had problems with their chainsaws. He became emotional describing what happened to his neighbors.

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“I told my boss I had something to do last night,” he said.

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