Deputies: Madison County teen ran away with friends, was not abducted

Deputies: Madison County teen ran away with friends, was not abducted

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports that 14-year-old Paxton Glenn has been found.

Paxton was reported missing after willingly leaving in a van from Sparkman Ninth Grade School on Tuesday. A missing child alert was issued Wednesday.

Madison County investigators say they learned Paxton had two friends pick her up in a van and take her to Morgan County to meet another teenager.

All along, Paxton’s parents believed she got into the van with strangers she met on social media. Sheriff’s office spokesman Lt. Donny Shaw said this is not the case. He said this is “anything but an abduction."

“We believe there was communication on social media apps that she was speaking with this other teenager and she was quite possibly speaking with the people that picked her up. We don’t believe she was lured or met this person on social media. We believe they met at another time and they were just using it as a means of communication,” said Shaw.

Shaw said the two talked on Snapchat but did not meet that way. He said they already knew each other.

He says the sheriff’s office is treating her as a runaway, and no arrests will be made because she went willingly.

Madison County deputies brought her back from Decatur to Huntsville’s detention home where her parents picked her up Thursday night.

The sheriff’s office encourages parents to find apps that can track their kids’ social media usage and provide logs of their communication.

Paxton’s mother says she does not have a cellphone, but was using her friends’ phones at school.

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