UAB Highlands honors shooting victim on 1-year anniversary

1 year since deadly shooting at UAB Highlands

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s been a year since a disgruntled employee shot and killed a nursing supervisor and wounded an employee at UAB Highlands Hospital.

If you passed UAB Highlands on Thursday’s anniversary, you might have noticed dogs walking out of the building. Those were therapy dogs that were brought in to help with employees and they deal with the tragedy and the loss of 63-year-old Nancy Swift.

“Basically what we found, we were all in shock that something like that could happen right here,” Director of Pastoral Care at UAB Hospital Malcom Marler said.

About 50 employees attended the observance that included prayer, therapy dogs and pictures with life messages.

“We’ve actually become tighter and closer in terms of pulling together and helping one another especially people who worked very close with Nancy,” Marler said.

Employees filed out of UAB and released balloons in honor of Swift. Those who come to UAB Highlands said despite the tragedy that happened a year ago they feel safe.

“I feel very safe when I come to the hospital. The nurses and doctors are kind and courteous. Security is too,” Bobby Lee Mosley said.

Marler said employee Timothy Isley who was wounded that night is doing well. Marler said their message to the other employees Thursday was simple.

“We tried to remind people that we are loved and not alone and as hard as this has been by helping one another we can get through it,” Marler said.

A UAB spokesman says UAB Highland and all their medical facilities continue to review their security measures to insure the facilities and their people and patients are safe.

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