Gadsden council, Etowah Commission approve new contract to house Gadsden city inmates

Gadsden council, Etowah Commission approve new contract to house Gadsden city inmates

GADSDEN, AL (WBRC) - There’s a new contract to allow the Gadsden Police Department to house its prisoners in the Etowah County Detention Center.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Jonathon Horton joined members of the Gadsden City Council and the Etowah County Commission in announcing the $650,000 per year contract.

Unlike some previous contracts, the new one doesn’t have set capacity amounts for how many city prisoners will be allowed in the jail.

City and county leaders stressed unity and good faith, following a sometimes acrimonious negotiating process that lasted for months.

“I believe this is a great step toward a multitude of joint efforts and cooperative actions between the city and the county, to move forward to increase the betterment of all cities within Etowah County,” Horton said during the news conference.

Other elected officials joined Horton in expressing unity and good faith and how those things helped them achieve the contract that was approved.

"I feel really good about this contract, and the feeling between us,” said Ben Reed, the Gadsden councilor who heads the city’s public safety committee.

“We just look forward to having a great time in this relationship,” said Gadsden Council President Cynthia Toles, “Brotherly love, and working together.”

“Whatever happens anywhere in Etowah County or Gadsden, it helps everybody,” said Mayor Sherman Guyton.

“We’re all in this together and we’re better together,” said Joey Statum, the chairman of the Etowah County Commission.

The new contract replaces an older one that was set to expire next October, and itself will expire February 29 of next year. It’s retroactive to March 1.

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