Students learn the dangers of drinking and driving just in time for prom season

Drunk driving simulation at Montevallo High School

MONTEVALLO, AL (WBRC) - Students at Montevallo High school asked to drive drunk Wednesday.

But don’t worry - this was just a simulation and there was no alcohol involved.

Students were challenged to drive wearing drunk goggles that gave the appearance of what you’d see after 2 or 3 drinks.

Senior Abby Hamer says wearing the goggles really just thing in perspective.

“Yeah, it scared me a lot,” she said. “Whenever I had them on and tried to do all the activities it was not going the way I thought I was going to be.”

Students were also challenged to try to do other activities like stacking cups, playing cornhole, doing a puzzle and walk in a straight line.

“Yes, it was very hard to walk and you run into a lot of things," she said.

Different googles showed different amounts of alcohol and some simulated different.

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