Officials at AL college react to national college admission cheating scandal

AL colleges react to cheating scandal

MONTEVALLO, AL (WBRC) - Fifty people were indicted in a nationwide college admission cheating scandal this week.

Those people are accused of doing things to give their children the opportunity to have a better chance getting into prestigious university. News of the cheating scandal spread quickly, including at the University of Montevallo.

“I honestly don’t think it’ s fair. A lot of students who want to go to college they don’t have opportunity to do it. It’s not fair to those who want to come to college,” said Chole Burwell, a grad student at the University of Montevallo.

At the Montevallo admissions office, the director Audrey Crawford said they are feeling the impact of the scandal.

“Through some of our national organizations we are already getting communication from them saying be sure to review your admission processes," she said.

Crawford said their students’ transcripts are sent directly from high schools. They don’t let students or others present them. But with testing agencies being accused of wrongdoing. it makes it harder.

“There is nothing that colleges and universities can do to verify what ACT or SAT has done is accurate,” Crawford said.

Crawford said she is not surprised at the allegations in the cheating scandal.

“There is a lot of pressure on students to score high and do better so they can get in that top college that they have on their college list," she said.

Crawford said this more directly impacts schools that have been named in the scandal. Montevallo has received 1,500 applications and are hoping to see an increase of 1,000 in the freshman class.

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