Delta Blues Hot Tamales: Spicy Mississippi Tamales

Delta Blues Hot Tamales: Spicy Mississippi Tamales

First we make our masa with a combination of blue corn masa flour and McEwen & Sons blue cornmeal seasoned with our own tamale seasoning. We fill these with black beans or spicy pork that has also been seasoned with our tamale seasoning. The tamales then get wrapped in corn husks and are simmered for a few hours until done.

Once cooked, we then top them with different items, depending on the dish being made.

For the Holy Chipotle, we take fresh corn and husk it, and then char it. Once charred, we cut the corn off the husk and mix it with red bell peppers, green onions, lime juice, and seasonings. We then make a chipotle-lime sauce using vegan mayonnaise, agave, lime juice and seasonings. We unwrap the tamales, and then top them with the chipotle-lime sauce, charred corn relish, and tomatoes.

For the Bama Q, we first make our bbq sauce that is sweetened with agave. We then make our vinegar-based tangy slaw. The unwrapped tamales are then topped with the bbq sauce, tangy slaw and pickles.

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