Gadsden State hopes to help Anniston reduce its unemployment rate

Anniston has a high unemployment rate

GADSDEN, AL (WBRC) - Alabama’s unemployment rate remains unchanged, but the news isn’t that rosy in a few Alabama cities and counties.

Alabama's current unemployment rate is three-point-eight percent.

In Anniston, the third highest bigger city in the state, it’s 6.1 percent. Only Selma and Prichard have higher rates.

A division chair at Gadsden State Community College's Ayers campus in Anniston says that surprises her.

For one thing, companies in the area such as Bridgewater Interiors and New Flyer buses, are currently hiring.

Gadsden State itself also offers a variety of vocational courses.

Division chair Audrey Webb says she works closely with area industries such as Honda as her school offers training that employers like Honda need.

“We have several applied and engineering programs here at the Ayers campus,” Webb told WBRC. “We have welding, machine tool, automotive, diesel, electronic engineering technology. And one of our big ones is industrial maintainance and electrical engineering.”

We recently told you about the FAME program.

The Federation of Advanced Manufacturing Education, or FAME, will help students at Gadsden State Community College's Ayers Campus in Anniston find those careers.

Students will attend class on that campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday they'll work part time at whichever local industry accepts them.

The program will kick off in fall 2019.

Honda Manufacturing, Kronospan Flooring and Bridgewater Interiors are among the local industries partnering with Gadsden State and East Alabama Works on this program.

Students have until May First to fill out an application.

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