Argo city council approves distracted driver law

New distracted driving ordinance in Argo

ARGO, AL (WBRC) - A new rule for the road for drivers in Argo as the city just passed a new distracted driver ordinance.

Argo Police officers say distracted driving is a real threat. They know from personal experience. A police car was rear ended last Saturday by a man who the police say was distracted.

“An officer was stopped making a left turn on one of our roads here in Argo and a driver who claimed he never saw the car collided with him, driving at least 45 miles per hour,” said Sgt. Roy Busler, Jr. of the Argo Police Department.

“If you are using a cell phone or eating a cheeseburger or doing something that causes some sort of dangerous movement to happen your self or to put some people in a situation that may cause harm,” Busler said.

In other words, you will have to go off the road or make an illegal driving act to be pulled over and face a fine with the new distracted driving ordinance.

Some drivers in Argo agree with the new law. “I know one particular girl who was putting on mascara while she was driving and rear ended a family and the family was injured because of the incident,” Natalie Cone said.

Sgt. Busler said he believes every third or forth car has a distracted driver. “The ordinance is designed to keep people safe on the roadways,” Sgt. Busler said.

Just using a cellphone or eating won’t get you pulled over, but it’s hoped the ordinance will make drivers consider that when driving, lives could be at stake.

The fine could be up to $250.

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