Jimmie Hale Mission celebrates 75 years, thanks to Ms. Jessie

VIDEO; Jimmie Hale Mission

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -Seventy five years ago, Jimmie and Jessie Hale co-founded The Jimmie Hale Mission to help the homeless and those in need in Birmingham.

Eight months after the Mission opened, Jimmie died and his widow Jessie assumed the leadership role.

“She was a woman ahead of her time,” said Tony Cooper, executive director of The Jimmie Hale Mission. “Jessie had a faith, a strong will and a love for others that just helped kept the place going during a time when someone else might have crumbled under the circumstance.”

The Jimmie Hale Mission opened its doors in 1944 at a downtown Birmingham storefront chapel and it has been helping those in need ever since, thanks to Jessie Hale Downs.

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