Drivers welcome start of 59/20 bridge construction

I-59/20 bridge construction begins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Work is finally underway on setting more than 2,000 segments of the new 59/20 bridges in downtown Birmingham.

The construction work has lead to detours and increased traffic on side roads which is creating problems for drivers.

Moneshia Wilson has to take her son to Ramsay High School through the construction work. “It’s been a lot of traffic. Its been very heavy. Sometimes it takes me 30 minutes to the school and back, but now its more or less than about an hour.” Wilson said.

Johnson Brothers, the construction company, has to put individual pieces of precast segments of the bridge in place. The work will require more road closures during the rest of the year. “It’s been very hectic. Congested. Just busy. Be glad when they get through,” Tracey Matthews said.

But ALDOT says the construction company is ahead of schedule and hopes to finish at least two months early, and that’s welcome news for drivers.

“It would be wonderful. less traffic because that is what I’m used to going up and down the road and not all the detours,” Wilson said.

“I would be so delighted if they finish early.” Matthews said.

Leonard knows drivers are frustrated, but he asks for their patience and to be careful in the construction zone and not drive distracted.

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