Mountain Brook police training to use drones

Mountain Brook police training to use drones
Mountain Brook PD drone. (Source: WBRC Staff)

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - Mountain Brook police say within a year they hope to have up to six officers trained to use drones in multiple emergencies and operations.

Authorities say the drone’s camera could serve as another eye in the sky where officers may not be able to access. One major example would be a during a search and recovery operation.

In fact, the Lee County Sheriff recently told USA Today they used drones for extensive search and recovery among the debris and destruction from Sunday’s tornado.

Mountain Brook Police Chief Ted Cook says they’ve now ordered a thermal imaging camera to provide even more help with search efforts.

“Having the ability to put a drone up in the air, particularly with a thermal imaging camera, can cover a huge amount of ground that search and rescue people wouldn’t be able to as easily. The greater safety that we can provide, we’d much rather lose a drone, if we had to lose the one, than an officer,” said Chief Ted Cook.

The department currently has four drones. They’re now in the process of getting properly licensed to be able to fly when and where they need to.

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