Tuscaloosa County Commission moves to replace burned bridge

Tuscaloosa commission reopens bids to replace bridge

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A recent decision by Tuscaloosa County commissioners continues a process to reconnect people in northern Tuscaloosa after they lost a bridge due to a fire.

A concrete barricade and road closed sign on Old Jasper Road reminded many that life for some people in Northern Tuscaloosa County is harder without the Whitson Bridge.

“It’s very important. We have people who go to church that have to go around a long way. You have people who have jobs and it’s just very inconvenient,” according to Lawanda Williamson.

She called the road closure a headache for some friends and neighbors not far from Sulphur Springs Free Will Baptist Church.

An accidental fire burned the old, wooden Bridge in January of 2017. “It’s something really needed in this area,” Williamson explained.

On Wednesday, the Tuscaloosa County Commission agreed to reopen bids to replace the bridge.

During the first bid process, only one company came forward and the cost was too high. But things appear different a second time around.

“There were four bids. They are very much more narrow range, much closer to what we have available to do it. So we’re going to let engineering review it in detail,” Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Stan Acker said.

The Tuscaloosa County Commission could approve a bid that leads to the construction of a new bridge in two weeks.

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