Hale Co. residents concerned after road washes out again from flooding

Hale Co. flooding recovery

HALE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Riverview Beach neighborhood in Hale County has flooded twice in less than three months.

People say the flood waters of the past week and a half were not as high as earlier this year. But it had a more devastating impact on the roadway getting into the subdivision.

Riverview Beach Road is a dirt road. Floodwater washed out part of that road so only one car at a time can drive a small stretch of the roadway. And water is still across the road in other spots because a stream and wetlands sit next to it.

Donald Sanford, the President of the Neighborhood Association, says the last week’s flooding wiped out recent repairs made to the roadway.

“It took all that out and a little bit more this time. And it’s in bad shape. And the people down here that live here on a regular basis they need some help,” he said.

Last week, Hale County Commissioner Scott Hallman, who represents the area, said crews would start repairing the roadway as soon as flood waters drained off. Some of those improvements could include adding a berm to the part of the Riverbeach Road that washes out so much.

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