Gardendale lifts ban on pit bulls

Gardendale pit bull ban lifted

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - The Gardendale City Council repealed the pit bull ban due in part to concerns it would be held unconstitutional because its aimed at a specific breed.

Some people in the Gardendale area don’t believe pit bulls should be singled out for possible punishment.

“I like pitbulls," said William Kirkland. "I don’t think they are inherently mean. I think they can be made mean easily. They just have that kind of personality, if you want to call it that.”

The Gardendale City Council believes it was unnecessary to continue the ban because a new state law called Emily’s Law has taken effect. Emily’s Law is named after a 24-year-old woman killed in Jackson County by dangerous dogs. It can hold an owner responsible for their dog’s actions, possibly sending the owner to jail.

However, some people in Gardendale say they are fearful of pit bulls. Still, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society supports Gardendale’s decision.

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