Tuscaloosa carpentry students get hands-on experience

Tuscaloosa carpentry students get real life experience

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Carpentry students from the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy are part of the group building a Habitat For Humanity home in Alberta.

“Yeah, it’s intimidating, but you’ve got to like step out of your comfort zone, get your hands dirty for what they’re doing,” Connor Christoff said.

Christoff was one of four students working at the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy this week. He and his classmates hope to show the professionals what they’re learning in school can be applied outside of class, according to their instructor.

“War Construction, Builders Group, all these companies in Tuscaloosa are telling us that they need employees. They need carpenters," Christoff said. "So they’re coming to us wanting us to train the carpenters and this is hands on experience,”

Brian Renfroe, the carpentry instructor at TCTA explained this project is much bigger than anything they’ve built in carpentry class. It also helps them build confidence learning from experienced carpenters.

Plumbing students will also spend time working on the house too.

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