Ruth Davis “Doing Good” for Lucky Dogs

Doing Good: Ruth Davis

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Stray dogs, neglected dogs, abused dogs. They all have a friend in Ruth Davis. Over the years, these “down on their luck” canines have somehow found their way to Ruth’s door and she never turns them away.

She is the owner of Simply Ponds and Gardens in Homewood where she designs landscape water features. Between her home and business she has eight dogs that crossed her path and never left.

For instance, there’s Max who was discovered at the Humane Society and Sasha who was roaming downtown Birmingham. Sammy was found neglected and abused and a couple of lab mix puppies just showed up at the business one day. They are now her watch dogs. All of these dogs have a sad story that turns into a happy ending thanks to Ruth. “The bottom line is they need me. They need everyone to lend a helping hand," she says.

Ruth spends thousands of dollars each month on dog food and medical care even with major discounts from her local vet for spaying and neutering. “If I rescue another dog today, that’s all I live for, that’s it.”

Ruth’s business is building beautiful fountains and ponds but even with this she’s saving animals. She has rescued hundreds of goldfish and koi from abandoned ponds.

So why do all this? Her dream is to eventually set up a 2-by-2 adoption rescue center where lost dogs, abandoned dogs, abused dogs - all of them good dogs - can find a home. “What I get out of it, that is my high in life to rescue an animal because once I get it in my arms and my care I know from there on it’s going to be alright.”

That’s Ruth Davis “Doing Good” for lucky dogs. Ruth’s daughter nominated her for our “Doing Good” segment.

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