Drop in flu cases doesn’t mean the threat is over, according to Tuscaloosa hospital

DCH flu cases down

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Officials at Tuscaloosa DCH Regional Medical Center say people should still take precautions to stop the flu from spreading, despite seeing a drop in flu cases recently.

Doctors said 834 people visited the Emergency Room at DCH Regional Medical Center with flu-like symptoms last week. That’s 103 fewer than the week before, but not not enough to say flu season is over according to hospital spokesman Brad Fisher.

“You can recall that back in November, there was also a drop in the of flu cases for two weeks running. Then for the next week it lit up like the after burners and went straight up to the sky,” Fisher said.

Fisher added they also saw a 25 percent decrease in people who also tested positive for the flu.

“It’s a pretty good indicator of how much flu is out and about or just how much illness there is,” Fisher explained.

He went on to say DCH averaged about 10 people a day being admitted to the hospital because of the flu during the height of the sickness. But people are still encouraged to get flu shots if they haven’t already.

“Hopefully it will get some folks who say, ‘well I don’t know if it’s time for that flu shot,’ will get them convinced to go and get that flu shot,” Fisher concluded.

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