Cherokee Co. sets up mobile command center to house owned pets displaced by flooding

Temporary housing for pets of flood victims in Cherokee Co.

CHEROKEE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - People seeking shelter after being flooded out of their homes in Cherokee County now have a place for their pets.

The Cherokee County EMA, with help from the Gadsden Etowah EMA, has set up a temporary shelter for owned, non-stray pets that may be homeless because of the flooding of Weiss Lake.

The Cherokee County Health & Rehab Activity Building is housing people displaced by the flood. Hot meals, showers and cots are also available.

One trailer of the temporary mobile command center, located a short distance away, will house dogs; another trailer will house cats.

Shelters for humans don't often allow pets, so people often spend money on hotel rooms to stay with their dogs and cats.

“So as people are depleting their funds and running out of hotel money, they’re going to need a place to go. So if they have pets, they’re going to be able to come over to the command center, to leave their pet with us, in a safe, secure environment, and they can seek shelter at the human shelter just across the way,” says Christi Brown, a Former Executive Director of the Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center in Gadsden.

Brown is coordinating the temporary pet shelter.

"They have 477 miles of shoreline, so anytime a neighboring county is in need, we obviously want to answer that call," Brown added.

The temporary shelter is seeking volunteers from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. for 14 days, and will also accept gift card donations.

For information on how to contact the shelter, call the Cherokee County EMA at 256-927-3367.

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