Birmingham woman wants roof she paid for three years ago to stop leaking

B'ham woman wants roof to stop leaking

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Birmingham woman tells us she’s been dealing with roof issues for years. She called the On Your Side Investigators for help after she claims the company keeps giving her the run around.

Ever since Lila Baldwin had a new roof put on her home near Eastlake three years ago, she’s had problems.

“I had a leak for a while. They came out, supposedly fixed it, but its been leaking ever since,” Baldwin said.

She’s got a flower pot catching water in her bedroom closet and a pan near the kitchen. There’s also a handful of brown spots in her ceiling where it appears water is trying to come down. Lila’s been calling the roofing company to try and fix it. She’s got all the original paperwork showing she paid over $4,000 for a roof that’s supposed to last over 20 years. Lila says the roof lasted about six months.

Lila called us and we got to work trying to get in touch with the owner of the roofing company. I sent an email last Tuesday just after noon. I got the standard “thank you for your message” reply a few minutes later. Three hours later, I never heard back but on a hunch called Lila. Her husband said the roofers just showed up and said they’ll fix the problems the following day.

The next day, the roofers did show up and got to work. I tried asking one of them about the situation.

“No comment,” the roofer said at first.

Then the roofer said they are trying to make the situation right because Baldwin has a leak and they are trying to fix it.

Lila hopes the company sticks by what it says. She’s hoping not to see rain inside her home anytime soon.

“How long do I have to wait? But you got my money. And you had a cashier’s check but see they wasn’t looking for me to keep this. Some people keep records,” Baldwin said. “All these spots didn’t happen overnight. I just want them to right a wrong.”

We spoke with the new owner of the roofing company. He admitted to dropping the ball. He claimed he met with Baldwin two weeks before we spoke to her…he told he was behind on work but says he will make things right. Baldwin’s brother tried helping as well. He put a tarp on her roof to try and stop the leaks. That was before she called us. The roofer claims that maybe one of the reasons for the leaks as well.

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