Weiss Lake flooding brings pollution, water hazards

Flooding in Cherokee County update

CHEROKEE COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Flood waters in Cherokee County have brought closed roads, closed schools, damage to campers in campgrounds, looting and arrests.

Now, there's another problem coming in from Weiss Lake: pollution, and other underwater hazards.

Just in the last two days we’ve seen everything, from children’s toys to drink bottles, to a refrigerator, to trees and tree branches.

That's not all, the spokesperson for the Cherokee County EMA says there could even be sewage issues and other forms of pollution, as well as items just under the surface making travel on Weiss Lake more dangerous than usual.

"There are septic holding tanks in the lake. We've had issues this week with propane tanks," says Joey Weaver, the EMA PIO. "There are entire docks and fishing piers in the lake. The number of things that could be in the water right now are countless."

ALEA's Marine Police and the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office are both advising people with boats to stay off Weiss Lake for the time being, for their own protection.

"That's just for your own safety," Weaver adds. "We don't know what all is under the surface of the water, and we certainly don't want to somebody get injured."

Weaver says people who live in the flooded campgrounds may also still be removing their belongings, and boaters should leave them alone during this time.

As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, the level at Weiss Lake, having crested the day before, has stabilized at 570.92 feet. That’s 6.92 feet above normal winter pool, a record last reached in 1977.

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