Vestavia Hills High School Show Choir goes undefeated

Vestavia Hills HS show choir undefeated

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) - The Show Choir at Vestavia Hills High School is racking up the trophies.

The choir, known as the Vestavia Hills Singers, finished this year’s competition season undefeated. The directors of the show choir credit their success to all the hard work put in by students.

“For the students, being undefeated really shows them the result of their hard work they have put in the whole school year,” said Gavin Dover, Co-Director of Choral Activities at Vestavia Hills High School.

“To see them to really buy in what we do and to buy into the hard work, repetition, and the constructive criticism that they receive on a daily basis really pay off is really a reward for us as educators,” said Dr. Megan Rudolph, who is also Co-director of Choral Activities.

Rudolph and Dover said that hard work includes rehearsals after school and on weekends.

The Show Choir at Vestavia Hills High School is racking up the trophies.
The Show Choir at Vestavia Hills High School is racking up the trophies. (Source: Vestavia Hills High School)

This year’s competition performance was based on the classic game show “The Price is Right.” Rudolph said the students do it all from singing, dancing to designing the set. Students also make up the live band. According to Dover, their competition is fierce.

“This year we saw some of our toughest competition from schools like Spain Park and Hoover,” said Dover. “A lot of people who are good friends, and we love competing against them. It makes it really fun having good competition.”

Rudolph said one thing that makes the show choir world different is they cheer for their biggest rivals.

“We want everybody to do their best,” said Rudolph.

The Vestavia Hills Singers also won several other awards, including for best vocals, choreography, and show design. Rudolph praised Vestavia Hills Schools for having music programs in elementary and middle schools.

“In some school systems, unfortunately, there is not middle school music, there is not elementary school music,” explained Rudolph. “So, those schools are at a little bit of a disadvantage."

Rudolph said performing arts programs are important, giving students an advantage when they become adults. That includes learning how to take constructive criticism, which Rudolph said is difficult for a lot of students.

“We learn how to work together on something bigger than ourselves. We learn how to do things over and over again in order to seek perfection,” said Rudolph. “We learn how to always realize that we are a part of a bigger chain, and if we’re not pulling our weight, we’re not going to be successful.”

According to Rudolph, show choir students also learn about character.

“For Gavin and I, that is the most important thing about our program is that these students are great people,” said Rudolph. “We want you to be good citizens, and then the music is a by-product of that.”

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