Power cut to hundreds of residents ahead of floods

Power to be cut off during flood

TALLADEGA, AL (WBRC) - Crews have been out all day turning off power to those homes in designated floodplains.

“Electricity and water can’t be in the same place at the same time, not without deadly consequences,” says Jon Cullimore with Coosa Valley Electric.

He says water is an excellent conductor of electricity and the pending floods pose a huge threat. Some 400 residents will be without power this weekend. Cullimore says it mostly affects campers and seasonal homes in semi-permanent camping areas.

“So to protect the lives of the people in that area, we have to shut power off to those services that we know are going to be under water in those areas,” Cullimore says.

And he has a warning for those who live on the lake whose power won’t be turned off.

“If they’ve got power going to their dock and their dock goes under water, they need to turn that power off going into that dock or else the water’s going to be electrified,” he says.

Coosa Valley Electric is a cooperative, meaning they’re owned by the consumers.

Flood waters are projected to go down late Tuesday, they hope to have power back up by Wednesday, if not sooner.

“The only reason we are in business is to provide them service, electric service. So we don’t want to leave them out any longer than we absolutely have to,” Cullimore says.

They’re asking those in the floodplains to evacuate. If you need assistance, you can reach out to the Red Cross at 256-362-2061.

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