Parents concerned after gun found at Tuscaloosa County school

Collins-Riverside Middle School student brings gun to school

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Leshetta Acoff rushed to Collins Riverside Middle School in Northport Friday morning after getting a phone call from her daughter.

″I get a call phone call around 9:40. She says, ‘momma, I’m scared’," Acoff said. Her daughter, a seventh grader, was worried about being at school after authorities found a gun Thursday night after several searches of the property.

“I heard it was a student who brought one to school and another student got his finger prints all over it and the police came up here,” Fredriona Acoff explained.

Her mother is also upset the school never went on lockdown while searches were going on with students at school.

“My child’s safety is my concern. I don’t have weapons around her. I don’t want anybody else to have weapons around her," Acoff continued.

Superintendent Walter Davie told us they followed proper procedures. “As soon as we get the student involved and we determine there’s not a gun on their person, that’s the protocol we follow. Law enforcement was in place, the student identified was contained,” Davie went on to say. He also said they searched the school a second time after more students came forward claiming they saw a classmate with a gun.

Acoff wished more was done. ″She’s supposed to be able to come to school, learn, gain an education and move on, not feel threatened by anyone with a gun," she concluded.

One student was located who they believe brought the gun to campus. They aren’t releasing their name or saying what charges they could face.

Davie also said they’ll meet with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department to talk about the situation and determine if changes in their response need to be made.

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