Woman claims Tinder banned her over hunting photos

She says there is a double standard at work on the dating app

Woman claims Tinder banned her over hunting photos
Nichole said she thinks someone was offended by her hunting photo. She said a double standard is at work.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO/CNN) - A woman said she’s been banned from the dating app Tinder.

She said it’s because of her hunting photos, but plenty of men post similar shots and they’re still there.

On the dating app Tinder, users swipe left to “pass” on potential matches and swipe right when they like what they see.

One Tinder user who’s being identified only by her first name, Nichole, suddenly found she couldn’t swipe any direction while on vacation in San Francisco from Vermont.

“I opened up Tinder. In a few hours, I was banned from the platform!” she said “They responded and said I had violated the terms of service and their community guidelines.”

She suspects her profile photos may have offended some Tinder users in the San Francisco Bay area.

For Nichole, hunting is a family affair, and so she had two hunting images on her profile.

“I cropped it so there were no weapons, or any kind of blood showing," she said. "My family, we are not trophy hunters. We hunt for food. You know, we respect the animal.”

Not only was she banned from the app, she said a user from San Francisco took his complaint one step further.

“An individual had emailed my employer with screenshots of my profile saying some not nice things,” Nichole said.

On Tinder, there are plenty of images of men posing with their hunted animals, making provocative gestures and more. It appears none of them have been reported for violating Tinder’s standards.

“It’s really about this double standard that exists,” Nichole said.

A Tinder spokesperson sent a statement saying in part, “We have a team dedicated to investigating each report.”

Nichole’s account “had been reported multiple times. The matter has been resolved and they can now use Tinder.”

Nichole said she isn’t sure she wants to return to the dating app: “I’ll decide that at a later time!"

She said she wants to see some changes at Tinder.

“I just want to see some of the standards change. And I just want to see equality. That’s really what it’s about,” Nichole said.

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