Water levels continue rising on Logan Martin Lake

Rising water concerns for Lake Logan Martin

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A flood warning is out for people who live or have boats at Logan Martin Lake.

Some homeowners were scrambling to secure boats and property as the lake level continues to rise.

As you go around the lake you see how much the lake has gone up. Trent Richardson with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary was out since 5 a.m. helping homeowners move their boats out of fixed docks along Logan Martin Lake.

"They need to be getting their boats out the boat houses. We have a lot of fixed docks. Second they need to remove those items on the docks so they won’t drift away and become a hazard,” Richardson said.

(Source: Randy Sparks)
(Source: Randy Sparks)

We did see personal items floating in the middle of the lake along with driftwood which could pose a threat to boaters. Near the dam you can see how the water is churning.

People who live along or near the lake are amazed at how much levels have risen.

“It’s shocking. It puts us through a lot,” Jessica Fendley said. "We’ve tied everything down, moved campers, boats, kayaks, stuff like that.”

Logan Martin Lake was up to 467 feet Friday afternoon. St Clair County’s EMA expects the lake to crest this weekend at 470 feet.

Boathouses flooded on Logan Martin Lake

Greg Rinehart lives in Lincoln and he and his wife have been sailing at Logan Martin for eight years. He was out Friday securing his boat.

”I was locking down my boat, making sure it hadn’t taken on any water and replaced a dock line that was fraud,” he said.

Regulars at Logan Martin Lake say they have seen bigger flooding threats in the past, but they are keeping a close eye on the forecast.

“Back a few years ago we had a pretty bad flood. I think this one may be worse come Sunday,” Fendley said.

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