Roofing companies staying busy this wet winter

Rain means good business for roofers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - All this rain may be a headache for homeowners, but it’s a gold mine for roofers.

Cardinal Roofing in Birmingham is seeing nearly triple the number of jobs this winter.

And they’re not the only ones experiencing a spike in calls.

But if your roof is leaking, it could be a while before busy roofers can come out and repair it.

Cardinal Roofing Owner Jody Rogers said all this rain is a blessing and a curse.

“I love it, but I can’t make any money without putting any roofs on,” he said.

Rogers says while the jobs stack up, the rain keeps falling, which delays when they can actually go out and make repairs.

So the roofers are making the most of the brief dry moments.

“Whenever we get these breaks, we run out, we put tarps on it, just to cover it up until it stops raining. And then we can do a permanent repair,” said Rogers.

He said when we get rainy weeks back to back, that’s when homeowners find out they have a problem, such as finding water stains in your ceilings.

But Roger said there’s a way to avoid this before it becomes an issue.

“Most people think when you put a roof on, it’s the last time you’re going to touch it for 20 years. A roof is just like everything else. It needs maintenance,” he said. “You need to have somebody look at your roof every five years to make sure everything’s good on it.”

Cardinal Roofing is asking customers to be patient, saying once the rain moves out, then they’ll finally be able to get to the jobs piling up this wet winter season.

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