Flooding causing issues for Cullman Co. bus drivers

Cullman flooding

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Heavy rain is causing some problems for Cullman County school bus drivers.

A flooded roadway forced bus drivers to look for alternative routes Thursday. The good news it did not delay students getting to school. However, it did force Cullman County Schools to look for other ways for buses to get to the school.

The problem was on Cullman County Road 5 in Bremen, where water has completely flooded the roadway. The flooding caught bus drivers by surprise, but it did not stop them. They did have an alternate route to take.

So far the flooding issues have been limited, but the Cullman County School system is keeping a close eye on the roadways just in case. If there is any hint of danger, the school buses will turn around and not endanger students.

“We don’t cross the flooded road at all. If we don’t see pavement or if it’s a dirt road, and we can’t see the gravel, we don’t cross it. Even if it’s over a covert,” said Jefferey Harper, Transportation Director for Cullman County Schools.

There were two washed roads yesterday and one today. Officials are hoping the flooding threat is declining.

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