Fighting Parkinson’s disease with boxing

VIDEO; Parkinson's Disease Fight Club

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham area people suffering with Parkinson’s now have the opportunity to battle the disease and maintain or improve their quality of life through exercise. It’s a program called the PD Fight Club and it takes place at Juarez Boxing.

“We train the people just like if they were a boxer,” said Martin Juarez. “We focus on movements that need help from the Parkinson’s, such as posture, tremors, gate. It’s a 75-minute intense workout training three minutes on with a one minute rest.”

Parkinson’s is a chronic and progressive disease of the central nervous system. It generally makes it difficult for people to move normally. Over time it usually worsens.

Juarez Boxing offers seven classes a week, though people are not allowed to do more than three a week.

For times you should contact Juarez boxing at 205-370-8992. Juarez Boxing is located at 1630 Crestwood, Blvd. in Irondale.

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