Two Alabama state troopers injured in separate crashes in Tuscaloosa area

Two Alabama state troopers injured in separate crashes in Tuscaloosa area
Damaged state trooper vehicles at the Tuscaloosa State Trooper Post

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Alabama state troopers say one mangled police cruiser and a side-swiped SUV are the result of drivers not paying attention and obeying Alabama’s Move Over Law.

“When you see the blue lights, that is the time when if you were being distracted before, that is the time not to be distracted,” Lt. David Steward said.

He said the trooper in the cruiser parked on the side of I-59/20 near exit 73 Thursday trying to get drivers to slow down before entering a construction zone when he was hit.

“The first wreck, early indications, driver distraction played a role,” Steward added.

The second happened Sunday when a trooper was in his SUV helping a disabled vehicle when he was hit near the Mercedes exit.

Both accidents make troopers feel less safe.

“With two of their fellow guys being hit just a few days apart, I think they realize now that could happen to them,” Steward went on to say.

Their blue lights were flashing in both instances. Steward hopes the accidents remind drivers to move one lane over or to take other precautions so they don’t get too close to troopers working on Alabama roadways.

“Make sure you move over. You see the emergency lights, whether it’s police, fire fighters, wreckers, move over if possible or slow down so that it’s safe,” Steward concluded.

Both crashes remain under investigation. No charges have been filed in either crash.

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