SWORD: Company testing new tech that could help protect schools from gun violence

SWORD: Could new tech help detect firearms?

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Could preventing a tragic school shooting be as simple as purchasing a phone case?

Barry Oberholzer, CEO of security firm Royal Holdings Corporation, introduced the SWORD case on Good Day Alabama Tuesday morning.

The case attaches to an iPad or an iPhone and transforms it into a device that can detect concealed weapon and use facial recognition software that can tell if a person has been banned or blacklisted from a school.

Mass shooting prevention in the past has been from a defensive standpoint, Oberholzer told GDA’s Mike Dubberly. SWORD is proactive.

“We want to stop the threat inside its tracks,” he said.

The starting price for the system is $3,500. It would need to be set up at all entry points to a building.

Oberholzer says the system operates within privacy laws and does not save facial ID data.

The official rollout to the public is scheduled for September.

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