Possible flooding expected during Severe Weather Awareness Week

Severe Weather Awareness Week, flooding potential

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week and Governor Kay Ivey wants to push public education when it comes to being prepared.

Many emergency management agencies across the state are urging you to prepare for weather emergencies by making a severe weather kit. This weekend, you can get items for that kit tax free.

Oddly enough, we’re expecting a threat of flooding right in the middle of Severe Weather Awareness Week.

It’s not a question of if severe weather will happen, it’s when.

So every day this week, the Alabama EMA will discuss different topics like tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, and how to receive information about it.

Right now, the big concern is potential flooding with rain expected Tuesday through the weekend.

Meteorologist Jim Stefkovich said some areas could see four to seven inches of rain, while some could approach close to ten inches.

“So we’re expecting a lot of rivers to go into flood, some flooding of low lying and flash flood prone areas. People need to be prepared to move to higher ground especially if you know the area in which you live floods,” he said.

Meteorologist Jim Stefkovich
Meteorologist Jim Stefkovich

When it comes to that flooding, one problem area is the parking lot around Vestavia Bowl in Vestavia Hills, along Highway 31. However, according to FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center, it’s not in a high risk zone, but sits near one.

“It has a lot to do with, obviously, the topography of the area. It can be man made issues, as well, however the storm drain system is working. And, you can have a combination of the two that will play into the flooding impact in a particular area,” explains Chris Tate, with the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency.

Because of that, FEMA recommends getting Flood Insurance, which can be purchased for as little as $400 per year. The alternative, FEMA estimates, can be as much as $27,000 from as little as an inch of flood water damage done to a home.

Remember, do not drive through areas where there’s water over the roads. It’s going to be especially dangerous to drive at night.

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