Etowah Co. jailers conduct second shakedown

Etowah Co. Jail shakedown

ETOWAH COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Etowah County’s Sheriff has conducted a second shakedown at the county jail, this time finding numerous drugs and improvised weapons.

This after someone left a large cache of drugs and tobacco to be smuggled into the jail. Sheriff Jonathon Horton already had one shakedown on January 24t ten days after taking office.

Horton has previously complained the jail’s outside cameras hadn’t worked in a while, so he installed new ones. One of those cameras caught a car stopping Friday night, someone doing something the deputies in central control thought suspicious, and the vehicle occupant getting back into the car and leaving.

The Special Operations Detail team checked out the area, the part of the jail that faces 9th Street in Gadsden. They found a large bag of synthetic and real marijuana, suboxone and other controlled substances, and tobacco. They also found a large hole, burned into a brand-new window that had just been installed.

That led to a shakedown that began Sunday morning at four a.m.

This time they found soft contraband, like extra sheets, often used to pull contraband through windows, and food, lighters, and other items, and they found more dangerous items such as more shanks.

"We found five to six improvised weapons, shanks, that could have been used to harm or endanger other inmates or correctional officers, and we did find controlled substances again," Horton told WBRC.

Horton says e-cigarettes were banned in the jail for 72 hours and has warned inmates they could be banned longer. He says the next time something like this happens, they could be banned for 30 days, then possibly permanently banned.

He says the hole in the window could have been made by an improvised device using wires and batteries from e-cigarettes.

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