Preparing for heavy rain in flood prone areas

Preparing your home for possible flooding

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Many homeowners who have dealt with flooding are worried about the rest of this week with heavy rains predicted.

People who live in Fairfield off of Martin Luther King Drive know about flooding. Just last September, the area flooded.

“It got all the way up to the porch. You can imagine all my flowers and everything floated out of the yard, everything,” Stephanie Mason said.

In the past, the water got into her home. Her uncle Cornelius Bates says it’s been a problem for years.

“It’s sad. It’s really sad. I have cousins and friends who live along this street. It’s appalling how things happen,” Bates said.

Here are some tips on ways to protect your home:

1. Close foundation cracks.

2. Invest in an electric sump pump.

3. Move expensive items to a safer location.

4. Anchor your fuel tanks.

5. Install sewer or septic line check valves.

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