Hokes Bluff students build dog houses for Florida hurricane victims

Hokes Bluff shop class making dog houses for hurricane victims

HOKES BLUFF, AL (WBRC) - A group of shop students in Hokes Bluff are working on a special project.

Middle school shop students, supervised by high school students, are building dog houses for hurricane victims in Florida.

Each morning during first period, the students from Hokes Bluff Middle School get on the bus and head to the agri-business building at nearby Hokes Bluff High School. They work on the project an hour a day.

Each group of students visualized the project with software before they began swinging hammers and turning on drills.

The students say they feel a great deal of pride in their work, especially for this cause.

“There are animals that aren’t going to have to run around on the street. I like, I like animals, and it’s just good for them,” Noah Sprayberry, an eighth grader, said.

Colton Greer, a senior supervising one of the groups, says the students are proud of their work. “Any kind of hurricane, or any kind of nature disaster like that, we try to do anything we can to help, whether it’s here in the community, or out of state, or what ever like that,” Greer says.

Another teacher, Jasmine McGinnis, came up with the idea for hurricane relief and coordinated the project.

The students partnered with her, with one high school student supervising each group and assisting in sawing wood and final assembly.

An insurance agent donated money for the materials and a trucking company will ship them to Florida when they’re completed.

“Everything in this class is something you’re going to use for the rest of your life,” says Taylor Morgan, an agri-business teacher at Hokes Bluff High School. “A lot of these students aren’t getting this at home, especially the middle school students.”

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