BPD continues increasing arrests to decrease violent crime

BPD stepping up arrests to curb violence

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham is stepping up arrests in an effort to bring down violent crime.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith made his point about stepped up efforts during Thursday’s news conference on arrest of Jeremy Owens for the murder of Sgt. Wytasha Carter. Smith said there is an increased concentration on making arrests for violent offenders and they are not going to let up.

When Chief Smith took over the police department, one of his major changes was reorganizing their crime fighting efforts.

In homicide, there were seven detectives. Smith combined homicide with robbery cases increasing the number of investigators to 51. Believing at times these cases can be related.

The chief is adding more officers on patrol, and he’s also adding more recruiting classes and bringing back retirees. The department is going after more advanced technology which includes using more cameras around the city. Smith says their is a renewed commitment to make these arrests.

“When things happen, we are investigating and we will not, we will not sit by and let things go or pass without relentless pursuit of our suspect,” Smith said.

Smith wants the message to get out the police department will no longer sit by and let violent crime happen. He wants that message to go to citizens and to the criminals.

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