Veterans being honored by providing them good healthcare

Salute to Veterans Week

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - There’s more than one way to salute veterans. One way some are doing that is making sure they get the care they deserve.

Tuscaloosa’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center serves 16,000 patients a year from Tuscaloosa, 13 surrounding counties, and Mississippi.

“Our veterans have earned the best care possible through the service to this nation. So it’s our duty and honor to provide the best care possible to our veterans,” Damon Stevenson with the Tuscaloosa’s VA explained.

The medical center also created a transition center for returning combat veterans to try and treat all their needs in one place. Older veterans hope it’ll help younger ones.

“As far as being a veteran and having to find a way to get the help when I needed, I think it was a good resource that I came here. I went through the program and made it,” Albert Hanks, a veteran at the VA went on to say.

The VA also hosts town halls where veterans can talk to someone face to face about their benefits and make suggestions on improving their medical care.

An event will be scheduled in March for Tuscaloosa-area veterans to talk to officials about their care and what improvements can be made.

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