Flooding woes will soon be fixed for one B’ham street

Plan in works to fix flood prone areas in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - One north Birmingham woman went to a city council meeting for help with a problem she’s been fighting for two years.

It’s caused lots of problems for drivers.

“So much, every time it rains there’s no way to get through,” says Myles McKee.

“It looks like the rain just comes down off the hill and just sits there, you know,” says John Alexander.

When it rains, there’s usually flooding on 6th Avenue South by 8th Street. And it’s been a problem for as long as these residents can remember.

“It’s going to flood real fast. (How high has it gotten?) Above the cars, you know. (Have you ever gotten stuck?) No! I already know to re-route!” says Alexander.

“I have to travel to work, to get on 65 south and so every time it floods I have to go all the way around down to Dennison, up 6th Avenue and back onto Green Springs,” says McKee.

A trip, he says, that adds 10 minutes to his commute.

But there is good news. The city is putting $2 million towards a drainage project to fix it.

“That project has been moving, in what we call the right-of-way phase. We’re working with the Alabama Power Company to acquire property that they own. We were working that through the office of the city attorney. As soon as that agreement is finalized, it will come to council for you all’s approval. And once that happens, we’ll be able to advance that project,” says Birmingham Deputy Director Edwin Revell.

“I know a lot of tenants around here who work who are really inconvenienced by the constant floodings, so anything that would help would be beneficial,” says McKee.

The estimate for construction is $1.5 million. The city is working on the design process now.

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