Tuscaloosa man pleads guilty to 2017 Strip shooting

20 years for Tuscaloosa Strip shooter

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A man accused of shooting another man in the back on the Strip in Tuscaloosa will now spend over 20 years in prison, but he’s now out of jail.

District Attorney Hayes Webb says Tamarcus Ikner’s plea agreement allows him to be a free man until Friday.

Ikner pleaded guilty this week to attempted murder in a 2017 shooting on the Strip. Investigators say Ikner chased down LaEarlton Peebles and shot him on a crowded sidewalk near Rounders after a University of Alabama homecoming game.

Ikner’s trial was set for this week, but he took a plea deal and will serve 22 years in prison. Webb says this sentence sends a message.

“I don’t care if it’s on the strip or anywhere else. To me, bad guys with guns should not be tolerated on the streets of Tuscaloosa,” Webb said.

Ikner has until noon on Friday to turn himself in. If he doesn’t, he’ll be charged with felony escape.

His brother was also charged with assault in the shooting on the Strip.

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