Residents in B’ham community concerned about abundance of trash, empty apartments

Trashy situation in B'ham neighborhood

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - All around the South Park community are empty apartments and trash everywhere.

A quick drive around the community makes it easy to see litter scattered on the grass. It doesn’t take long to see piles of trash.

“I think they need to go out there and clean it up a little bit. You know, there is a lot of abandoned houses that can cause a lot of problems,” Darron Leonard said.

There’s construction material dumped on the side of the road. You can also see unwanted furniture thrown out. Those who live near the community know this is hurting the entire neighborhood.

“The whole community as a whole I most definitely believe we can do better. When you have abandoned apartments it can lead to all types of people drug up in them,” John Dawkins said.

The trashy area came up recently at a meeting of the Birmingham City Council. Members of the council say they are getting complaints about the trash and people want something done about it.

“Well, if they can clean it up, it will make the whole area better. It would be more decent around here,” Leonard said.

“Cleaning it up, that could give people around here a job. That is making jobs happen right here,” Dawkins said.

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