Birmingham chocolate shop ready for Valentine’s Day

B'ham chocolate shop ready for Valentine's Day

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - You only have to travel to downtown Birmingham to get chocolate from around the world this Valentine’s Day.

Honeycreeper Chocolate is a shop on Morris Avenue specializing in craft chocolate. According to owner Courtney Pigford, craft chocolate is special because it comes from cocoa beans grown on small farms.

“These craft makers are doing amazing things with these beans,” explained Pigford. “Really enhancing and bringing forward those flavors.”

Honeycreeper Chocolate started as a pop-up shop in 2017. Last August, Pigford moved to its permanent location, which she shares with Basic, a clothing boutique. That means this is Pigford’s first Valentine’s Day with a storefront. She’s hoping for a big day.

Honeycreeper Chocolate opened in August on Morris Avenue in Birmingham.
Honeycreeper Chocolate opened in August on Morris Avenue in Birmingham. (Source: Kenneth Smith/WBRC)

“We’re fully stocked with bars. We’re fully stocked with assortments and bonbons in the case,” said Pigford.

According to Pigford, her most popular flavors include Earl Grey Bonbons.

“A dark milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey Tea," said Pigford. “It won a Good Food Award in 2017. It’s fantastic.”

Another popular chocolate is the Spicy Passion, which Pigford believes is appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

“It is a white chocolate covered passion fruit ghost pepper white chocolate ganache,” explained Pigford. “So, it’s got a little heat and kick, but that passion fruit really balances it out well.”

Chocolate covered salted caramel is also a favorite, according to Pigford. Her chocolates comes from around the world. The chocolate salted caramel is from a chocolatier in San Francisco. Other chocolates are from as far away as France.

“Chocolate is a vehicle for connection,” said Pigford. “It also tastes wonderful, and who doesn’t want to just share something fantastic and tasty with everybody they know and love.”

You can learn more about the chocolates available by going to their website.

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